Regulatory Agency

Canadian Human Rights Commission


The Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC) is an independent body established in 1977 to administer the Canadian Human Rights Act and is responsible for ensuring compliance with the Employment Equity Act. Both laws ensure that the principles of equal opportunity and non-discrimination are followed in all areas of federal jurisdiction.

The CHRC works with employers, service providers, individuals, unions, governmental and non-governmental organizations, and provincial and territorial human rights bodies to achieve a society where human rights are respected in everyday practices. The CHRC is working within a new service delivery model that provides discrimination prevention initiatives, modern dispute resolution approaches for addressing inquiries and complaints, as well as regulatory, policy, and knowledge development. Enhancing employment equity in federally regulated employment sectors for women, Aboriginal peoples, persons with disabilities, and members of visible minorities is also a key function.

The CHRC provides dispute resolution services in cases of alleged discrimination by federally regulated organizations. Allegations are screened to ensure they fall within the CHRC’s jurisdiction. If the dispute falls within the CHRC’s jurisdiction, the parties are offered services to assist them in resolving the matter without filing a complaint. If the matter cannot be resolved and the inquirer wishes to file a complaint, the case may be assigned to a mediator or an investigator. Ultimately, the Commission may ask that the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal hear the case. Throughout the process, the parties are encouraged to look for solutions by participating in alternative dispute resolution.


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