Canadian Cultural Property Export Review Board

The Review Board certifies and determines the value of cultural property for income tax purposes; reviews export permit applications that have been refused; and determines fair cash offers to purchase cultural property for refused export permits.

Regulatory Agency

Canadian Intellectual Property Office

The Canadian Intellectual Property Office is responsible for the administration and processing of intellectual property in Canada, including: patents, trademarks, copyrights, industrial designs, and integrated circuit topographies. It manages the Trade-marks Opposition Board, which is an administrative tribunal that acts on behalf of the Registrar of Trade-marks, and the Patents Appeal Board, which reviews rejected applications and resolves patent conflicts, among other activities.

Regulatory Agency

Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission

The Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) is the independent agency responsible for regulating and supervising Canada’s broadcasting and telecommunications systems. Guided by the Broadcasting Act, the CRTC regulates over 2,000 broadcasters. Guided by the Telecommunications Act, the CRTC also regulates over 80 telecommunications carriers.

Regulatory Agency

Copyright Board of Canada

The Copyright Board is an economic regulatory body empowered to establish the royalties to be paid for the use of copyrighted works, when the administration of such copyright is entrusted to a collective-administration society. The Board also has the right to supervise agreements between users and licensing bodies and issues licences when the copyright owner cannot be located.