Regulatory Agency

College of Chiropractors of British Columbia


The College of Chiropractors of British Columbia (CCBC) is the regulatory body established in 1934 under the Chiropractors Act for the registration and regulation for chiropractic doctors in BC. In 2009, CCBC transitioned under the Health Professions Act. Every doctor of chiropractic practising in BC must be a registered member of CCBC. The Board of CCBC establishes rulings for members subsequent to authority of the Act and bylaws. These include matters relating to clinical activities, billing and member conduct.

As the regulatory body for chiropractic doctors in BC, CCBC is responsible, under provincial legislation, for serving and protecting the public by ensuring that registrants practice in a competent, safe and ethical manner. As part of its regulatory function, CCBC receives and reviews complaints about chiropractors. The majority of complaints are resolved by the registrar and inquiry committee with only a few having to be referred to the discipline committee for hearing.

Under the Act, not all discipline decisions have to be published. Public notice is required for decisions:

  • Concerning conduct that, if proven or admitted, would normally result in the imposition of practice restrictions, a suspension or cancellation of registration or a fine
  • Where discipline is applied after a citation is issued for a hearing before the discipline committee
  • That involve the imposition of practice restrictions or the suspension or cancellation of registration


College of Chiropractors of BC
212-10451 Shellbridge Way
Richmond, BC
V6X 2W8

Telephone: 604-242-1455 
Fax: 604-278-0093

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