Regulatory Agency

College of Dental Surgeons of BC


The College of Dental Surgeons of BC (CDSBC) is a public interest regulator that regulates 3,300 dentists and 5,700 certified dental assistants (CDAs) under the Health Professions Act. CDSBC sets requirements to practice; establishes, monitors and enforces standards of conduct and care; monitors the continuing education of registrants; investigates complaints; and where necessary disciplines registrants who fail to live up to their professional standards obligations.

CDSBC deals with complaints regarding standards of care or conduct, which includes clinical issues as well as non-clinical matters such as patient communication, ethical issues or informed consent. Whether a complaint is submitted by another healthcare professional, a patient or a dental staff member, the primary focus of CDSBC’s complaints process is on the protection of the public. The complaints process includes the use of alternate dispute resolution mechanisms and remediation as potential approaches to protect the public while improving the conduct and practice of registrants.


College of Dental Surgeons of BC
500 - 1765 West 8 Avenue
Vancouver, BC
V6J 5C

Telephone: 604-736-3621
Toll Free: 1-800-663-9169
Fax: 604-734-9448

Justice Education Society Resources

Early Resolution

Before you make a complaint, have you tried to work out your situation by other methods? Use this Early Dispute Resolution checklist to find out if you have tried all avenues available to you. The following videos and PDFs may also help you.

Choosing a Dispute Resolution Option

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Negotiating a Solution

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Understanding Disputes

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Preparing for a Tough Talk

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Preparing for a Hearing

If you have to appear at a tribunal hearing, use this Tribunal Hearing Preparation checklist to help you get ready. You may also like to take a look at these videos and PDFs for more about how to prepare your case.

In-person Hearings

Watch a dramatization of what it’s like to make a case at an in-person hearing.
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Telephone hearings

Find out how to prepare to make an effective presentation for a hearing over the phone.
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Hearings: First steps

This video introduces the different tribunal processes, including mediation and settlement conferences.
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Written Hearings

This video describes the process for submitting your case in writing and what your submission must contain.
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