Regulatory Agency

College of Opticians of BC


The College of Opticians of BC (COBC) establishes qualifications for opticians and works to ensure opticians are providing competent and effective care. Guided by the Health Professions Act, the COBC is the health regulatory college for all opticians in BC.

The COBC regulates and improves the practice by ensuring licensed opticians provide high quality, competent and professional care to help people achieve better vision. The COBC is responsible for assessment, registration and licensing for all licensed opticians, contact lens fitters, automated refracting licensed opticians and certifying licensed opticians. It also establishes standards of practice that must be followed and responds to public and registrant complaints and inquiries. Any person can file a complaint against a licensed optician registered with the COBC. There is no time limitation on filing a complaint.

We ensure BC opticians are highly qualified professionals who practice their code of ethics, their standards and duty of care and engage in continual professional development.  Our members include:

  • Dispensing Opticians
  • Registered Contact Lens Fitters
  • Certified Refracting Opticians


College of Opticians of BC
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