Regulatory Agency

College of Veterinarians of BC


The College of Veterinarians of British Columbia (CVBC) is the statutory body created to serve the interests of the public and animals through the regulation and advancement of the veterinary profession in BC.  All veterinarians practising in the province must be registered and governed by the CVBC as the statutory body created by the Veterinarians Act to oversee, in the public interest, the practice of veterinary medicine in BC.  The CVBC's mandate is to establish, promote and enforce a high standard of qualification, conduct and competence by practitioners of veterinary medicine, and to respond to complaints about veterinarians.

Veterinarians are required to meet the standard of care, skill and knowledge, and conduct, expected of a competent and ethical professional. If you have a concern about the care your animal has received or your veterinarian's conduct, often the best first step is to discuss the matter with your veterinarian; however, the CVBC ensures that a complaint process is in place and all concerns from the public are addressed.  The CVBC handles all complaints as quickly as possible.

Complaints must be in writing and sent to the CVBC. The CVBC may investigate and impose discipline for some types of bill-related complaints but does not have the power to direct a veterinarian to lower a bill or refund or compensate a client. A complaint may ultimately be dismissed, sent to a discipline hearing or resolved by consent with the veterinarian. The investigation committee may impose interim suspensions and restrictions, as can the discipline committee pending the outcome of a hearing.


College of Veterinarians of BC
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