Property Assessment Appeal Board


The Property Assessment Appeal Board is the second level of appeal for property assessments in BC. If you disagree with a property assessment, you must first appeal to a Property Assessment Review Panel.

The board receives appeals on assessments for all types of properties — everything from single family dwellings to farms to major industry. Typical issues deal with:

  • Is the property assessed at actual (market) value?
  • Is the property correctly classified?
  • Does the property qualify for a tax exemption?

Check the board’s website for important deadlines.

The board’s objective is to assist people to resolve their appeal without the need for a hearing. If the appeal is not settled, one or more board members will make a decision and issue a written decision.

Board members are appointed by the provincial government and are independent from BC Assessment (which created the assessment), the Property Assessment Review Panels, and the government.


Property Assessment Appeal Board
Suite 10, 10551 Shellbridge Way
Richmond, BC  V6X 2W9

Telephone: 604-775-1740; toll free at 1-888-775-1740
Fax: 604-775-1742; toll free fax: 1-888-775-1742

Should I appeal?

If you are appealing a residential or recreational property, you can use this interactive tool to decide: Should I appeal my assessment?  It will help you:

  • Analyze whether or not you will likely have a strong case
  • Decide if it is worth your time and expense to appeal
  • Prepare your case if you decide to proceed

Preparing for your appeal

If you have decided to move forward with the tribunal process, view the Board’s Appeal Guide, which will describe the steps, including how the tribunal will try and assist you in resolving your appeal through mutual agreement. You may also like to take a look at these videos and PDFs for more about how to prepare your case.

Justice Education Society Resources

Written Hearings

This video describes the process for submitting your case in writing and what your submission must contain.
Read the PDF.

In-person Hearings

Watch a dramatization of what it’s like to make a case at an in-person hearing.
Read the PDF.

Telephone hearings

Find out how to prepare to make an effective presentation for a hearing over the phone.
Read the PDF.

Hearings: First steps

This video introduces the different tribunal processes, including mediation and settlement conferences.
Read the PDF.