Regulatory Agency

Certified General Accountants Association of BC


The Certified General Accountants Association of BC (CGA-BC) is the governing and regulatory body responsible for the training and certification of BC’s more than 15,000 CGAs and CGA students. It is responsible for training, certifying, and upholding the professional standards of its students and members. Founded in 1951, it derives its authority through the provincial Accountants (Certified General) Act.

CGA-BC acts on behalf of the public to ensure that complaints regarding members and students are investigated both thoroughly and fairly. To protect the public interest, CGAs must adhere to prescribed standards as set out in the Act, bylaws, code of ethical principles and rules of conduct, and independence standard. Those who earn the right to use the designation have a duty at all times to conduct themselves in an ethical and professional manner in serving clients, employers, and the public.

CGAs who breach these rules will face a disciplinary process and sanctions. Anyone who suspects that a CGA has breached the ethical or performance standards of the profession may lodge a written complaint with CGA-BC.


Certified General Accountants Association of BC
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