Labour Relations Board of British Columbia


The Labour Relations Board is an independent administrative tribunal with the mandate to mediate and settle employment and labour relations matters related to unionized workplaces.

The Labour Relations Code governs all aspects of collective bargaining among provincially regulated employers and employees. This includes the acquisition of collective bargaining rights, the process of collective bargaining, the settlement and regulation of disputes in both the public and private sectors, and the regulation of the representation of persons by their bargaining agents. 

The Labour Relations Board deals with union-related matters only. If you belong to a trade union, you should first contact your union for assistance and information.

If you work in a non-union workplace, you are covered by the Employment Standards Act and your questions about wages and working conditions may be answered by contacting the Employment Standards Branch.

Workplaces under federal jurisdiction (for example, banking, broadcasting and interprovincial or international transportation) are governed by the Canada Labour Code and are administered by the Canada Industrial Relations Board.


Labour Relations Board
Suite 600,
Oceanic Plaza,
1066 West Hastings Street,
Vancouver, BC V6E 3X1

Telephone: 604-660-1300
Fax: 604-660-1892

Justice Education Society Resources

Early Resolution

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Choosing a Dispute Resolution Option

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Preparing for a Hearing

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Written Hearings

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In-person Hearings

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Telephone hearings

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Hearings: First steps

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