Regulatory Agency

Institute of Chartered Accountants of BC


The Institute of Chartered Accountants of British Columbia (ICABC) has almost 11,000 members and over 1,800 students. Established in 1905, ICABC’s mission is to foster public confidence in the chartered accountant (CA) profession by acting in the public interest and helping members excel by providing exceptional education, regulation, and member services programs.

Provincial legislation known as the Accountants (Chartered) Act allows the Institute to train, govern, and regulate its members. All members are held accountable by a strictly enforced code of professional conduct and must meet continuing professional development requirements.

If there is a concern about a CA’s conduct, an enquiry can be filed with ICABC and it will be investigated. If it is found that ICABC rules have been breached, sanctions range—depending on the nature and severity of the problem—from a reprimand or remedial education to a suspension of membership or loss of the CA designation. The ICABC also has a formal fee resolution process for billing disputes.


Institute of Chartered Accountants of BC
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Telephone: 604-680-3264
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